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Email list verification - FAQ
Email list verification - FAQ
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Will you charge credits for email verification?

No. Right now emails verification is absolutely free for LeadRocks users.

Where can I see the verification results?

Download your verified list with an Export to a CSV button on the top of a List page.

How do I read the verification results?

Use this guide to understand the statuses.

I added more people to a list I already verified. How do I verify new emails?

Just hit Verify emails as usual. We will check your list, find new emails, and verify them. You will be notified by email once we are done and will be able to download the results to a CSV as usual.

I downloaded a CSV but am not able to find emails status.

We give all the prospect's info in this CSV, not only emails. To check the verification status scroll to the last columns on the right of the file and find columns named Email #1 and Email #1 status. If your prospect has more emails, they will be added to the next columns Email #2 - Email #2 status, Email #3 and so on.

I downloaded a CSV but email status says "not_validated".

It means you did not run a verification for this emails. Another reason is that you verified this list, but added these new emails later. To fix it just hit Verify emails and wait till we send you an email confirmation.

I don't remember which list I already verified, how do I check?

Go to the list and hover over the Verify emails button. You will see when the list was verified for the last time, or the note that the list was not verified.

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