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Email list verification
Email list verification - how it works
Email list verification - how it works
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  1. If you don't have a list to verify yet - go to the Prospecting tab, search for people, and save them to a List.

  2. Then go to the Lists page and find your new list on the left panel. To start verification hit Verify emails on the top of your list.

  3. Wait till we finish the verification. It usually takes a few minutes but can take longer if you add a lot of people to your list - up to one hour or even longer. You will be notified by email once the verification process is finished.

  4. To export your results to a CSV file go back to your List and hit Export list to CSV:

    5. In a CSV file you will get a status of each email next to it. If a person has a few emails, status will be added to each of them.

    To read the results in your CSV file use this guide.

    Here you can find answers to the most common questions.

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